Rates & Services

Feel free to message Riley regarding her rates for longer periods.

From a holiday away to a dominatrix arrangement, Riley is open to your enquiries.

Girlfriend Experience

Deep, passionate kissing

Mutual protected oral stimulation

Protected full service

Multiple orgasms if time permits

Dinner & Dessert

Two hours of social stimulation

Two hours of GFE play time

Out and about or at your place


Ménage à Trois

Deep, passionate kissing

Mutual protected oral stimulation 

Covered full service

Multiple orgasms if time permits

 . . . for you and your partner.


Guest Star Experience

Four hours of Ménage à Trois fun

Out and about or at your place

Plenty of time for everyone’s satisfaction


I must say your conversation was pretty damn stimulating. You have such a unique and special perspective on some rather complex issues. And I would so love to learn more about what is in that beautiful instrument you call your mind.

– J.

Still feel like something extra? 

Indulge yourself with the immersing embrace of Riley’s buxom, statuesque physique. What is Riley’s favourite bedroom activity?

Why, getting you all riled up, of course!

She loves to tease and tantalise, deftly beguiling you with all the finesse of a specialist in seduction, gradually leading you to the height of bliss and satisfaction.

Check out Riley’s extra services below…

Interested in a Lesbian Double?

Check out some of Riley's favourite playmates right here!

Arousing Upgrades

Cum on body

Nuru or Tantric massage

Prostate massage


Role Play (e.g. ex girlfriend, school girl,

nurse, receptionist, policewoman)

$50 each

Erotic Extras

Kinky Role Play


Light Bondage & Domination (on you)

Golden Shower (on you)

Cock & Ball torture

Natural oral stimulation (subject to state law)

$100 each

Over the Phone

Can’t wait until you see Riley in person? No problem!

Just book in a time to have all of her attention and the convenience of a phone call.

Phone Call - Audio Only

Let your imagination take hold as Riley whispers sweet nothings to you through the phone – a great way to get to know what each of you like in the bedroom too!

Naughty Snaps

Spice up your phone call with some devilish indiscretions, real-time candid pictures from Riley to you, as you chat!

Video Call

You want the Riled Up experience but are bound by certain constraints? A video chat is the next best thing to an in person booking! Experience Riley in real time from the comfort of your home or office…