Over the Phone

Can’t wait until you see Riley in person? No problem!

Just book in a time to have all of her attention and the convenience of a phone call.

Phone Call - Audio Only

Let your imagination take hold as Riley whispers sweet nothings to you through the phone – a great way to get to know what each of you like in the bedroom too!

Naughty Snaps

Spice up your phone call with some devilish indiscretions, real-time candid pictures from Riley to you, as you chat!

Video Call

You want the Riled Up experience but are bound by certain constraints? A video chat is the next best thing to an in person booking! Experience Riley in real time from the comfort of your home or office…


M – F : 10am–10pm

Sat : 12pm–12am

Sun : 12pm-10pm


(+61) 417-694-770
[email protected]