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Riley is a Sydney based high class erotic masseuse and Soft Domina – this means she is dedicated to getting to know you and learning about your intimate needs, wants and fantasies.

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If you’d like to make it a date, you can send Riley an email or a text message with your name, location and preferred service.

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You can keep up to date on Riley’s whereabouts by following her Twitter or Instagram.

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For $100.00 you can share a ten minute coffee date with Riley. Should you wish to proceed with seeing more of each other, this will act as your deposit for your first booking.

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Riley is extremely open minded and trained as a soft domme.  As a kink practitioner for both business and for pleasure, she adores tapping into the darker side of her clients’ sexualities.  One of Riley’s greatest pleasures is the submission of a strong man. 


M – F : 10am–10pm

Sat : 12pm–12am

Sun : 12pm-10pm


(+61) 417-694-770
[email protected]